What Is Smart Diversification®?

Smart Diversification uses math to make investment decisions.

Smart Diversification reduces potentially unproductive assets through a repeatable, mathematical, evidence-based process.


  • Risk is dynamic and changes frequently.
  • Static allocations can never adequately manage dynamic risk.
  • Equity markets typically spend 80% of their time declining and getting back to even.
  • Equity markets typically spend only 20% of their time making “New Money” for clients.

The idea is simple: use a repeatable process to help clients participate in the ups, minimize downs and create a better client experience.

Does It Work?

You know the disclaimer – “past performance doesn’t mean Jack.” But what you want to know is, “Does this work?” We can show you Smart Diversification in action with our Smart Diversification® Indexes.

A Closer Look

Our commitment to your success drives us to build solutions focused on to minimizing decline and maximizing growth using a quantitative, algorithmic process. The process can help keep clients comfortable and engaged in the long-term plan you’ve designed for them.

Smart Diversification might be right for you if you:

  • Think changing investments based on gut, a guess or a guru isn’t a great process
  • Want an effective way to create a better client investment experience
  • Know that protecting against the downside is important
  • Believe that rigid allocations (i.e. 60/40) aren’t always the best solution