With Tariff Tremors, Is Now the Time to Diversify Beyond U.S. Borders?

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Looking at stock market returns of the 20 largest economies in the world over the last 20 years*, an interesting picture emerges.

While the US had the most years of positive returns over that period, it has not been the best performer. Korea, the number one performer, outperformed the US market by 1,819.88%. Canada and Mexico outperformed US markets by 102.04% and 88.57% respectively. In fact, the US placed 9th out of the 20 countries. Today, international markets, including emerging markets, make up a larger share of the global economy than ever before.

Even with the news of tariffs and trade wars, there are opportunities beyond our borders. International markets are often more volatile than the US. When investing globally, consider who you trust for risk management.


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