How Smart Diversification® Works

Now that you understand what Smart Diversification is, let’s get down to the details.

You can access a variety of resources to help you implement Smart Diversification for your clients. Membership levels allow you to choose the best fit your needs.

For a completely turnkey approach, you can also invest directly into the Smart Diversification mutual fund (SMDFX).

  • Tools

    PowerScore, Allocation Test Drive, and our other proprietary tools equip you to better understand client goals and shape their portfolios to match.

  • Portfolios

    Get direct access to our evidence-based portfolio models to build client portfolios that shift with the market to actively manage risk.

  • Marketing

    Strengthen client relationships and grow your business with our white-labeled resources, including brochures, presentations, and monthly and quarterly reports.

It’s Easy to Get Started, and It’s Free!

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