Our History

Greg Luken TV appearance

A solution that works for clients

Early in his career in the 1990s, Greg Luken realized that nobody was really looking out for his clients. Analysts weren’t, and neither was the firm where he worked.

And when he looked all over Wall Street and couldn’t find the solution he needed for his clients, he built one himself.

Greg Luken created Smart Diversification® to find a solution that worked for his clients, not to beat a benchmark.

He developed custom indicators to make better decisions for his clients and, as a result, became a top producer at an independent broker-dealer. Starting with those signals, he hired a team of programmers to adapt them for use on global asset allocation decisions for his clients.

In 2013, he launched Luken Investment Analytics to share his Smart Diversification approach with other advisors, so they could help make better decisions for their clients.

And it can help you make better decisions for your clients too. As we like to say: Trust math, not opinions.